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Ed Calyan is an author with Like My Novel he is the founder of the Institute of Life, an environmental scientist and business analyst.  He is current working on a series of five books that have the answers to life the universe and everything.

How to have an Easy Life (Philosophy) and How to have a Happy life (Psychology) can be bought from this site, go to contact us above and order by email. How to know Right from Wrong (Politics) , How to be Rich and Famous (Economics) and How to know Everything (Creativity) are in progress and are expected to be out at annual intervals over the next few years.


Secure Digital Downloads

The future of secure multi-media download to your computer is finally being developed. You will be able to download new books, music, film, all at your finger tips.

Whether it's entertainment, interest, or education which brings you pleasure, we are building a unique selection of independent "indie" digital downloads, a selection of new work not available anywhere else.

This is a "fair trade" website where authors, artists and publishers can directly benefit and you the reader, listener, or viewer get the opportunity to safely download material that would be too expensive, or unlikely to be published using conventional methods.

Zwitter is where anyone can earn on-line from their creativity, publishing E-Books, Music, Film and Art without the fear of copying, loss of revenue and intellectual property infringement.

And if you an artist, performer, or writer contact us to make sure the profits from your creativity become a reality. We call it "Download Once" and it really is. just email us today to discover how.

Turning creativity into cash.


In testing what our authors said ....... 

 "We found the whole process simple, it will be cost effective and we would earning immediately".